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Arron Lampkin-3Lexi Sima

Hi my name is Lexi Sima. I was born on August 31, 1999. I have been an athlete all of my life. I’ve been a cheerleader since I was four years old and recently finished my last year of Varsity Cheer at Viera High here in Viera Florida. I’ve also played Softball, Basketball, and Soccer. Like any other teenager, I enjoy spending times with my friends and family. On February 2, 2016 I suffered Sudden Cardiac Arrest while running on a treadmill at Sunbay Fitness Center her in Melbourne. A team of strangers who were also working out at the gym, did CPR and used an AED to save my life. As you can imagine, this was totally shocking as I had been running almost every day for years and never even had one bit of chest pain. I was life-flighted to the hospital in Orlando where I stayed for two weeks while my wonderful team of doctors tried to find the cause of my near death–to this day, and after extensive testing we still don’t know why I nearly died. Before I was released, I underwent surgery and now I have a Defibrillator/Pace- Maker implanted in my heart. Although it was difficult for any teenager to accept, I realized that God gave me a second chance at life and to make a difference in people’s lives. Our family decided to pay our gift forward to others through CPR education, Heart Screening for College and Hight School Athletes, Florida State Legislation, and AED Donation. I look forward to helping save lives through this foundation. There is no more pride than for me to be a part of a Future Generation of Lifesavers.


Arron Lampkin-1Shawn Sima

My name is Shawn Sima. I am the proud father of Lexi and Carter Sima. I am retired US Air Force Officer who served our country for 20+ years. As an Orthopedic Physician Assistant, I currently work at the Veterans Outpatient Clinic taking care of our nation’s heroes t. On February 2, 2016, I found my true calling at this world. You see, my beautiful, healthy, and lifelong athletic 16-year-old daughter suffered Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) while running on a treadmill here in Melbourne Florida. Through the grace of our God, she was saved by members in our gym with CPR and an AED. It was at that time that our family began our mission to spread awareness and train others to save lives. While Lexi was in the hospital, through research we found that there is an incredible need for education and training on how to save lives. We learned that SCA is the #1 killer in the world and United States. We learned SCA is the #1 killer of our kids on school campus and the #1 killer of student athletes. We learned that there is a tremendous need for people to be trained in CPR and AED use. We learned that over 100,000 American lives can be saved every single year for fast action and quick decision making. In 2017, we were able to team up with the American Heart Association and the Brevard County (Florida) School Board to get a policy passed making it mandatory for all High School graduates to be trained with a 1-Hour, Hands-Only CPR/AED course. Also, in 2018, we were able to get a legislative bill passed here in the State of Florida encouraging all students in the state of Florida to begin CPR training every two years. Our work is not done and now we are moving into the non-profit world where our hope is that we can train as many future life savers as possible and donate AEDs to those families and entities that just can’t afford them. Through our Savior Jesus Christ we have learned that everything happens for a reason and we found our calling through a near tragic and life changing event that affected our family tremendously.


Arron Lampkin-4Stacey Sima

Stacey Sima is the proud mother of Lexi and Carter Sima. She has a passion for God, her children, her family, and helping others. In 2016, her life was changed forever when Lexi survived Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) at a local gym. Up to that point, she was living a normal life and like most people, she didn’t give much thought to a major Public Health problem. Along with her family and friends she decided to get involved with CPR awareness, Automated External Defibrillator (AED) donation, Athletic Heart Screenings, and giving back to others. She spent 10 years as a Medical Assistant and now has zeroed in on CPR/AED/FIRST AID instructing. As the President of Lexi Sima’s Heart Savers, her goal is to train as many future lifesavers as possible and then raise money to donate AEDs to those in need. Her goal is to make sure that no person, young or old, is ever in a position where a human life-saver or an AED is not available in minutes. Every second counts when someone experiences Cardiac Arrest and her goal is to help train a Generation of Life-Savers.


Arron Lampkin-2Carter Sima

Hi I’m Carter Sima, brother of Lexi Sima.   My hobbies include Lacrosse, Football, Weight Lifting and spending time with my friends.  As a family we all enjoy working to help others in so many ways.  Right now our family is working hard to screen athletes, teach others about CPR, and donating AED machines.  I’ll never forget the night my sister went into cardiac arrest.  Like everyone I was so confused and scared.  My family was so appreciative to the people who saved Lexi from death.  I knew in my heart that I wanted to help save others and also train others to be life savers.

Arron Lampkin-1-3Arron Lampkin

Arron is a long time family friend of the Simas and photographer in the community. He helps volunteer with us and to help share and spread our mission.







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